Professional Rights & Responsibilities


A grievance can be filed based upon a violation of the contract of your employer such as when the administration violates hours of employment, salary, or working conditions of employment specified in your contract. You cannot file a grievance based on any complaint that you have. Your contract must be violated in order to file a grievance.

READ YOUR CONTRACT FIRST before filing a grievance. But bring your issue to the attention of a union representative quickly because there is a short window of time in which a grievance must be filed. If it isn't filed in time, you cannot file the grievance.

Also, review the information found at to understand your basic legal rights to safe, healthy, and fair conditions at work.


School District Policies

Also, carefully review any applicable school district polices by visiting this link. Many policies have been implemented in the last few years and change or clarify situations that used to be handled differently.

Going on Maternity Leave?

Be sure to read the applicable part of the current collective bargaining agreement (i.e. contract) as well as the School District's Policy #435 to know your rights and obligations. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) guarantees eligible employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave but with medical benefits.

Unfortunately, the District is not as generous as it used to be and under the terms of the law it allows employers to require employees to use paid leave concurrently with the FMLA-guaranteed 12 weeks of unpaid leave. But, if you are planning to use FMLA leave for any reason such as maternity care, you must apply at least 30 days in advance. Communicate with the Personnel Office and review the dates of your absence, how much of it is paid vs unpaid, whether you have to pay insurance premiums, etc. The District must then notify you in writing of what paid leave is available and should give you the exact dates of the FMLA leave in writing. If they do not give you exact dates, see a WAEA officer before your leave begins! There has been some confusion and miscommunication in the past few years between the District office and WAEA members with regard maternity leaves.

Representation in Disciplinary Meetings

You have the right to have a union representative with you in a meeting with your supervisor if you think the meeting may be disciplinary in nature. You must request such representation though if the meeting unexpectedly turns disciplinary.

Professional Responsibilities

All teachers must abide by the Code of Professional Practice and Conduct for Educators, the Public School Code of 1949, and the Teacher Certification Law.

PR & R info from PSEA

PA Code - See Ch 22 & 49