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The Wyomissing Area Education Association is a union organization representing the professional teachers of the Wyomissing Area School District in Wyomissing, PA.

What are you getting for your educational dollar?
Americaís public schools can be traced back to the year 1640. The Massachusetts Puritans established schools to:

  • Teach basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills, and
  • Cultivate values that serve a democratic society (some history and civics implied). The creators of these first schools assumed that families and churches bore the major responsibility for raising a child. The responsibility of the school was limited and focused.

From 1900 to 1910, we added

  • nutrition
  • immunization, and
  • health to the list of school responsibilities.

From 1920 to 1940, we added

  • vocational educationthe practical arts
  • business education
  • speech and drama
  • half day kindergarten
  • Phys. Ed. Including organized athletics, and
  • school lunch programs (We take this for granted today. It was, however, a significant step to shift to the schools the job of feeding Americaís children 1/3 of their daily meals.

In the 1950ís, we added

  • safety education
  • driverís education
  • expanded music and art education
  • foreign language requirements are strengthened, and
  • sex education introduced (topics escalate through 1990ís)

In the 1960ís, we added

  • Advanced Placement programs
  • consumer education
  • career education
  • peace education
  • leisure education, and
  • recreation education

In the 1970ís, the breakup of the American family accelerated, and we added

  • special education (mandated by federal government)
  • Title IX programs (greatly expanded athletic programs for girls)
  • drug and alcohol abuse education
  • Head Start
  • parent education
  • behavior adjustment classes
  • character education
  • environment education, and
  • school breakfast programs appear (Now, some schools are feeding Americaís children 2/3 of their daily meals. Sadly, these are the only decent meals some children receive.)

In the 1980ís, the floodgates open, and we add

  • keyboarding and computer education
  • global education
  • ethnic education
  • multicultural/ non-sexist education
  • English-as-a-second-language and bilingual education
  • early childhood education
  • Jump Start, Early Start, Even Start, and Prime Start
  • full day kindergarten
  • pre-school programs for children at-risk
  • after school programs for children of working parents
  • alternative education in all its forms
  • stranger/danger education
  • anti-smoking education
  • sexual abuse prevention education
  • health and psychological services are expanded, and
  • child abuse monitoring becomes a legal requirement for all teachers

In the 1990ís, we have added

  • HIV/AIDS education
  • death education
  • expanded computer and Internet education
  • inclusion
  • Tech Prep and School to work programs
  • gang education (in urban centers)
  • bus safety education
  • bicycle safety education
  • gun safety education

And finally from 2000 to 2010, we added

  • ever-changing national and state standards
  • No Child Left Behind legislation and its high stakes standardized testing

All of the items added to the list have merit, and all have their ardent supporters.

Your local educators are doing their best to meet all the needs of their students, as defined by their community, state and nation.

Parts Reprinted with permission from Jamie Vollmer
© 2001 Vollmer and Associates